8:40             Morning Supervision begins in School Yard--Students should not arrive prior to 8:50

  9:05             Opening Bell

 9:05-9:55       Period #1

 9:55-10:45     Period #2

10:45-11:25     Break #1

11:25-12:15     Period #3

12:15-1:05     Period #4

1:05-1:45       Break #2

 1:45-2:35       Period #5

 2:35-3:25       Period #6

 3:25               Dismissal

 3:40               Supervision ends


Office Hours:  8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

School Year Calendar 2017-2018

School Breaks and Holidays                            

Monday, October 9th - Thanksgiving

Friday, December 22nd - Early Dismissal at 1:55 p.m.                                                            

Monday, December 25th-Friday, January 5th-Winter Break                                               

Monday, February 19th-Family Day                                                                       

Monday, March 12th-Friday, March 16th-Spring Break                                                                  

Friday, March 30th-Good Friday                                                                       

Monday, April 2nd-Easter Monday                                                                         

Monday, May 23rd-Victoria Day

Friday, June 29th - Early Dismissal at 1:55 p.m. - Last Day of School

Professional Activity Day  (NO class for students)

Monday, September 25th

Friday, October 6th

Friday, November 24th

Friday, February 2nd

Friday, February 16th

Friday, March 30th

Friday, April 27th

Friday, June 1st


We ask that parents/guardians place calls to the attendance line when your child is going to be absent or late arriving.

Please call the attendace line at 1-877-409-6310.

or use the website:  School Connects Parent Portal

Personal Belongings

Expensive or important items such as electronic games, toys and trading cards should not be brought to school due to the possibility of loss or damage. Should you choose to allow your student to bring personal belongings to school, we can not assume responsibility for damaged or lost belongings.

HEALTHY EATING for the Balanced School Day

Joseph Gibbons is a NUT FREE environment.232012_23511_0.png

Most schools have some students who have anaphylaxis – life threatening allergies to common triggers such as bees, shellfish, milk, eggs, peanuts, nuts and legumes. We are asking for the cooperation of all parents and students in not bringing any food products containing peanuts or nuts to school at any time.                          

If your child suffers from an extreme allergy, anaphylaxis or other serious medical condition, please ensure that the office and your child’s teachers are notified in writing immediately.

Here are some Healthy Eating Tips for preparing lunches:

It doesn’t really matter which foods your children choose to eat at the breaks, more important is that they eat a variety of foods from Canada’s Food Guide. Sandwiches can be cut in half and wrapped separately – one half for each break. Foods that are packed in a thermos may be hotter and taste better if they are eaten during the first break. Cold foods like juice and yogurt can be frozen to help them last to the second break. Choose nutritious drinks such as milk, 100% fruit juice or water.

Quality Daily Fitness

Joseph Gibbons is committed to providing our students with Quality Daily Physical Education to support healthy growth and development.  Our school has been recognized by the Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education and Dance for the past several years in our efforts to keep our students active.  Please ensure that your student is prepared for daily activity with appropriate clothing and footwear.

Dress Code

Appropriate and safe footwear

Shirts should have respectful language

Shirts and/or blouses should cover the midriff

Hats are to be worn outdoors only.

Custody of Children

We are best able to support your child and be sensitive to particular situations when we are aware of custody, visiting rights or special instructions.  If your family has these circumstances, please make sure that the school is provided with a written copy of the current legal agreement.  Unless a court order specifically prevents it, both parents have the right to visit the school, attend interviews and have access to information about the student’s educational progress.


During the year it is sometimes necessary to contact parents and have them take their children home because of the onset of illness at school.  Parents are asked to show and teach respect for other children and school staff by keeping children at home if they are not feeling well enough to participate fully.  Children must go outside at regular nutrition breaks and must participate in gym, unless a dated physician’s note is provided. Please encourage proper hand-washing and toileting habits as well.

Children who are suffering from communicable diseases must be excluded from school for certain periods of time to safeguard the health of others.  Please advise the school immediately if your child has one of the reportable diseases as determined by a physician. A list of reportable diseases can be found at programs/infectionctrl/


School personnel do not administer non-prescription, over-the-counter medication.  School personnel will administer routine prescribed medication.  Before any prescribed medication can be administered, authorization forms (available in the office) must be completed.